Project of Miracles

Project of Miracles!

Known as a dreamer, similar to Joseph in the Bible, Mr. Craig's friends and family never lose interest in his dreams. To find someone who is more determined, faithful, humble, prayerful and committed to serving others with a contagious smile as Mr. Craig would be an undertaking. Originally from the island of Trinidad and Tobago, Mr. Craig now resides in New York City with his family and enjoys encouraging others through music, written and spoken word.

About the Book: A part of the Non-Fiction genre, The Jesus is Coming Project: Project of Miracles-Dream Being Fulfilled, is a unique, relatable story about a man, a dream, a song and God's plan unfolding in spite of countless unforeseeable obstacles.

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This book can be read as endtime literature, an inspirational book, and a guide on how to listen to God�s subtle voice in the booming noise of the world.

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With simplicity and a gripping style, the author shares his faith, a story about his connection with Jesus, but a story that comes with its own challenges.

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The Jesus Is Coming Project is a spiritual journey and lifestyle of never ending faith, and some of the consequences of those who have strayed from that path.

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This is such a good book. It is really great and inspirational. It is emotional, happy, hopeful and so faithful.

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This story was very refreshing and very inspiring because it showed trials, but also showed that everything can be conquered with faith and perseverance.

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